For all the new people who read me for the first time, I always say that each business is unique, and therefore, you must carry out marketing actions different from another within your Online Marketing strategy.

It is possible that 2 apparently identical businesses have to carry out different actions depending on the locality in which they are located, the target they are directed to, or the skills and values ​​of the people who make up the team.

To give an example, a beach restaurant should not carry out the same marketing actions as a restaurant with a michellin star, or a restaurant focused on weddings and events.

However, each business must work on a marketing strategy and the key points must work correctly to grow or continue in the market:

Take care of the online image
Promote the business in the right channels
 Innovate and keep a close eye on the competition
Constantly analyze and measure

(The initial example of a restaurant is suitable for all types of businesses: lawyers, dentists, industrial companies, travel agencies, marketing agencies, etc.)

1.- Take care of the online image:

In the same way that a physical business tries to take care of the visible aspects of the business down to the last detail, at the online level it is the same or more important.

The first impression that a potential client takes when they see our website will be the one that will mark if they end up buying from us or if they choose one of our competitors.

If, for example, a user visits our website as the first point of contact with our brand, they will want to see that the website loads quickly and navigation is simple and intuitive. If we have a website that is not viewed correctly from mobile devices, we can forget that this potential customer ends up buying us (at least on that same visit).

Normally we speak of a first impression on a first visit to the website, but we cannot forget that any channel through which they can find us will be their “first impression”. Therefore, we cannot invest all our resources in the design and programming of the website and neglect or not work in the same way with social networks (if we have them open), the newsletter that we send, blog articles, contents of the mark on external web pages, etc …

A first conclusion that we must draw is: if we are not going to be able to take care of all the touchpoints or entry points, through which users go to be able to find, then it is better that they are not accessible to our potential clients.

2.- Promote yourself in the appropriate channels

Almost everyone is used to the fact that if they want to book a hotel online, the first thing they are going to do is go to ( tripadvisor , trivago …) and search for the destination you are interested in. Therefore, one of the most important points, in the case of being the owner or responsible for the sales of a hotel, is to be in the first positions of the main marketplaces of the business and location.

However, not all businesses have marketplaces of sufficient authority, and therefore, each brand / business must invest in the main search engines to be present in the top positions.

It is very important to carry out a market study and correctly define the target or potential customer to know in which channels our users browse.

In the case of B2B businesses , it is very likely that their investment priorities are channels such as Linkedin or Google Ads .

On the other hand, businesses more oriented to B2C , will have to invest more resources in Facebook / Instagram Ads and / or Google Ads .

If you want to know more details about how or why to invest in these social networks, you can obtain more information to deepen more in the advertising techniques in Linkedin Ads or in Google Ads. Soon I will work on a guide to carry out campaigns on Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads.

3.- Innovate and be aware of the competition

How many times do we hear “lifelong” businesses that don’t innovate until a competitor appears and then they don’t have time to react and end up dying or reacting in unexpected ways because they don’t die …

🚕 Taxi sector =>Uber, Cabify

🏠 Real Estate Sector => Housify

🎼 Discman, mp3 => Spotify

🎬 TV => Netflix

📦 Corte Inglés => Amazon

☎️ SMS => Whastapp

etc …

I think these examples are illustrative enough to see that we cannot accommodate ourselves in our sector, since if it can be improved at some point, we may end up disappearing in the medium or long term.

4.- Analyze and measure constantly

Depending on what phase of growth our business is in, we will give more importance to some aspects or others.

If we are a bicycle company that is finishing our website and we are beginning to position ourselves in the market, we must give more importance to getting the first sales, knowing what people think of our product, get people to know us, and reach the public that interests us. If we are able to know this data and correct what we are not doing perfectly, we will be able to sell our bicycles in the medium-long term.

In the case of a stable business, which manages to invoice more than it invests, we should focus on improving the perception of our brand, expanding the volume of business, innovating and always staying alert.

Obviously, all this is solved by measuring, analyzing the results and making good decisions. If we see that a channel is not giving the expected results, either we stop investing (simple solution), or we analyze if we are correctly carrying out all the processes to sell in that channel that we are not achieving results.

As in every article, I remind you that if you need help to create, review or track the KPIs of your business, I will be at your disposal for whatever you need . Write me here and we will analyze your case personally.