12 Essential Readings for Entrepreneurs: Guide 2024-2025

10 recomendaciones libros sant jordi 2024

Taking advantage of the fact that in Catalonia we celebrate “the Day of Sant Jordi”, I would like to take advantage of this post to make a personal recommendation of 12 good books that I would recommend to every entrepreneur (one for every month)

As we enter 2024 and look ahead to 2025, it is essential to have a good reading guide to accompany us on the path of business growth and innovation. Over the past few months, I have explored a series of books that have expanded my understanding and sharpened my strategies in the business world. These readings cover everything from innovative market strategies to leadership techniques and practical financial advice. They are key tools that any entrepreneur should consider to enhance their professional development and the success of their company. Below, you will find a list of these works that will undoubtedly make a difference in your entrepreneurial journey during the coming months.

From Zero to One

libro de cero a uno

This book is an indispensable guide to transformation and success, providing innovation and leadership strategies for visionary entrepreneurs. Discover efficiency and productivity techniques that will change your business and personal approach, driving significant and sustainable growth. A compendium of inspiration, practice and insight for those who aspire to make their mark in the business world.

The Blue Ocean Strategy

Libro La estrategia del océano azul

It is a revolutionary business odyssey, challenging leaders to navigate beyond the boundaries of the known market toward horizons of unlimited opportunity and non-existent competition. This book is a beacon of innovation , lighting the path to sustainable growth and profitability with proven tactics and inspiring case studies. Kim and Mauborgne equip you with the treasure map to discover and dominate your own blue ocean, radically transforming business strategy into an exceptionally successful adventure.

Companies that Grow with Soul

Libro Empresas que crecen con alma

It is an invitation to leadership with conscience, urging organizations to merge success with sustainability to positively impact society and the planet. The work is a hymn to business ethics, a guide that illuminates the power of conscious practices as a driver of shared prosperity. It becomes the definitive manual for any visionary who aspires to build lasting and significant legacies in the global economic fabric.


Libro Bezonomics

This book is a deep dive into the economic strategies that have catapulted an iconic automotive brand to the pinnacle of global success. This analysis distills critical management and leadership lessons that are the fuel for innovating and dominating in ultra-competitive markets. It is a beacon of strategic wisdom and a call to action for those determined to accelerate their journey towards business excellence and the industrial revolution.

Sales Psychology

Psicología de Ventas

It is a masterpiece that transforms the art of selling into a science of human connection, providing key psychological techniques to unlock deep relationships and close deals with conviction. Each chapter is a revelation that propels sales professionals to new heights of excellence and unprecedented results. Tracy not only teaches how to sell, but how to influence and triumph in the game of customer emotions and needs, turning salespeople into architects of memorable experiences and flourishing businesses.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Los 7 Hábitos e la Gente Altamente Efectiva

This book is the rudder that guides towards personal and professional excellence, outlining the principles that shape the character of transformational leaders. This book not only challenges you to be proactive, but also to shape a reality where collaboration and effectiveness merge to create lasting impact. Covey invites you on a journey of self-discovery and growth, where each habit is a cornerstone in building a life of achievement and genuine satisfaction.

Find your Vitamin Person

Encuentra Tu Persona Vitamina

An enriching journey towards the discovery of relationships that nourish the soul and strengthen the spirit, illuminating the path to emotional and physical well-being. Rojas deploys a map to navigate the complex world of human interactions, revealing how certain people can be the vital elixir that revitalizes our existence. This book is an invitation to embrace and cultivate those vital bonds that promise not only to support us, but also to propel us to achieve fulfillment and joy in every aspect of our lives.

Invest with Little

Invierte con Poco

This book is a financial compass for the emerging investor, offering smart strategies to make your money work for you, regardless of the size of your wallet. Santiago masterfully demonstrates that with the right guidance and an astute approach, starting to invest is not a matter of capital, but of wisdom. This book is a celebration of the financial opportunities available to everyone, inviting readers to take the first step toward freedom and economic security with confidence and knowledge.

The 4-hour work week

La semana laboral de 4h

This book redefines the concept of work, showing how automation and effective delegation can free up time and increase productivity. Ferriss teaches you how to escape the tedium of the 9 to 5, unlocking the doors to unprecedented personal and professional freedom. This book not only proposes a more efficient lifestyle, but a full and rich existence, challenging conventions and allowing you to live more and work less.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Cómo Ganar Amigos e Influir Sobre las Personas

Dale Carnegie is a treasure trove of interpersonal wisdom, teaching proven techniques for forging authentic, lasting connections. This book is an essential pillar for anyone seeking not only to improve their social skills, but also to expand their influence in a significant and positive way in all areas of life. Carnegie distills timeless principles that transform everyday interactions into opportunities for personal growth and professional success.

Power Games: Elon Musk and the Gamble of the Century

Juegos de Poder: Elon Musk y la Apuesta del Siglo

This book captures the essence of Musk, a pioneer who not only challenges the limits of what is possible, but constantly redefines innovation paradigms. It is a crucial read for anyone who aspires to understand the power of the disruptive vision and its application in the global scenario of business and technology. Immerse the reader in the bold strategies and visionary mind of one of the most impactful entrepreneurs of our era, revealing how his decisions have revolutionized the technology and aerospace industries.

Selling with Margin: Prioritizing Profit over Growth

Vender con Margen: priorizar el beneficio sobre el crecimiento

Rethinks traditional business strategies, highlighting the importance of maximizing profits instead of just seeking expansion. This book offers proven tactics and practical approaches to optimize profit margins without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. It is essential reading for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking sustainable profitability in a competitive market, ensuring that each sale contributes significantly to the company’s financial success.