What story sells your product or service?


Human beings are faithful lovers of stories. And when I say lovers I mean that we love both listening to them and starring in them. Any narrative that contains action, intrigue and surprise among its members keeps us in suspense, feeding our desire to ‘know more’.

There is a component that plays a fundamental role in our desire to discover the ending of a film or, if the mythical Luke Skywalker ends his relative once and for all </span >Darth Vader, and this is popularly known as curiosity.

Curiosity the queen of all strategies

The desire for intrigue has been implicit in our DNA since we left Plato’s cave, in fact, I would say that it was what led us to choose the external light over the cavernous darkness.

And to what end is this sermon on the origin of curiosity and our ancestors? Well, simply with the objective of conveying to you that the so-called ‘art of storytelling’ can help you create a solid and differentiating strategy through which not only to show the philosophy of your company, but also to sell your services and products. in a subtle and exciting way.

We know firsthand that this is not an easy task. That is why in today’s article we are going to share with you several successful campaigns based on storytelling that not only leaves us with the so-called ‘desire to know more’, but also moves and excites us.

Examples of storytelling in successful campaigns

1. Christmas lottery

What story sell your product or service

The Christmas Lottery announcement is one of the most anticipated of the year. On this occasion, the advertising campaign transmits an emotional message of hope and excitement starring the residents of an inland town in Spain. It all begins when one of its inhabitants gives a lottery ticket to whoever needs it most, thus generating a ‘chain of favors’ translated into lottery tickets.

In the end, the entire population finds a ticket in their pocket thanks to the gratitude of each of its residents.

A close, positive and current story with which thousands of people could identify, and which ends its spot with the following motto: “We share luck with whom we share life.”

2. Coca Cola

Under the title “Real Magic this Christmas”, Coca Cola’s message for this Christmas revolves around the story of a mother and her son who move alone to a new neighborhood.

The young protagonist realizes that the building does not have a chimney through which Santa Claus can send Christmas gifts, so, using his imagination, he He gets to work to build it. When his mother and the rest of the neighbors discover the little boy’s mission, they do not hesitate to join his challenge.

In this example, Coca Cola seeks to convey a message of collaboration, unity, and cooperation</strong > under a constructed, defined story and in line with the values ​​that the brand has always promoted.

What story sell your service or product

3. Ruavieja

“I want to see you better” is the message of this year’s Christmas spot that Ruavieja together with Isabel Coixet have carried out, and whose main objective is to promote everything that as a society unites us.

Ruavieja asked more than 2,000 Spaniards about the importance of taking care of their quality relationships and, based on the data collected, he constructed a story of the day-to-day life of a marriage in the midst of Covid pandemic.

Through this story, the company manages to move us and make us feel identified with situations that many of us have experienced firsthand.

what story sell your product or service

Simple, real, emotional stories and above all, that make us better people

Simple stories reach the audience more. And this is because in the end what matters to us is that its message transcends and is understood by our audience. It is useless if only we understand it.

All storytelling must create an emotional link with the consumer through their identification with the situation, theconflict that It is described and above all, with the characters.


  • Build a plot that your consumer identifies with.
  • Study the characteristics of your audience and reflect them in the characters.
  • Make sure your product or service resolves the conflict.
  • Run away from artifice.

At Mountain Barcelona we hope that these tips will help you build your brand story.

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